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JoaT elsewhere on internet

Websites with reference to Joy of a Toy:

Weblogs and the like of students/volunteers who went recently to Kalwala Village or will be there soon:

Linda (Pabo Thomas More)
Mike en Sanne (HRO; Kippenhok)
Nathalie (Hogeschool Leiden)
Ellen (Hogeschool van Utrecht)
Jan Willem
Richard and Marieke (Pabo Thomas More)
Projects for the benefit of Joy of a Toy:
Wereld Wiskunde Fonds (WwF) supports Joy of a Toy 2002
WwF supports Zambia 2004
Internetpages with a link to Joy of a Toy:
Other internet pages containing aspects related directly to Joy of a Toy:
Article about Joy of a Toy in the Zuid Afrika- Nieuwsbrief (South Africa Newsletter)
Workshop with participation of Joy of a Toy
Letís website
Chess website with a reference to Joy of a Toy

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